Why Does My Computer Blue Screen?

When a problem occurs download or installing an update, Windows Update returns an error code that http://driversol.com/drivers/brother provides some insight into the problem at hand. You’ll see an example of that error code below. Once you have an image source, run the following command. This command tells DISM to pull necessary components not from the active Windows installation but from another source using the /Source parameter. Using the /LimitAccess prevents DISM from contacting Windows Update. Most antivirus programs can be set up to protect certain files and folders from malware.

If you are submitting an NVIDIA display driver feedback, email the link to download the complete memory dump file to In some cases, though, the blue screen disappears very quickly. You won’t be able to record the error code for troubleshooting, but you can still find details about what caused the crash. That’s exactly what we discuss in this guide. Microsoft has made it very easy for the average user to troubleshoot and repair some blue screen causes. However, you should never do something to your computer’s operating system that you are not completely sure is the right step to take.

Windows Component Service

If you see the message once or twice, simply restart your PC and let the system carry out the disk error checking operation. But if you continue to see it, then you need some troubleshooting. PC users affected by this issue reported that they encountered the error after recently running the Disk Error utility on their hard drive.

  • This error indicates that the quota was returned to the process, but the process did not use all of the value of the quota.
  • Once this problem happens, you will have a difficult time accessing the internal or external hard drive connected to your computer.
  • Instead of connecting your hard drive using a port on your PC case or USB hub, connect to the USB port that’s on your motherboard.
  • If the automatic search for drivers doesn’t work then you can always do a manual install of the drivers.

You can let Windows perform startup repair and fix the issue automatically. This is the recommended method to perform when facing any boot problems on your Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11 laptops. For this, you need to access Windows Advanced Recovery options. We get to see a lot of features in Windows 10.

Horizontal or Vertical Lines on the Computer Screen: Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7

If you’re trying to install a local printer, you can typically just plug it into your USB port and follow the same instructions. If your printer stops working, you can try doing the process again. Your device keeps scrolling to the bottom of every menu and page even when you aren’t moving the mouse. There are a few different ways to troubleshoot this. First, try unplugging the mouse or turning off its Bluetooth connection, and plugging it back in.

Check Drive for Errors using Repair-Volume in PowerShell

You can count on us to address the problem quickly by following these simple steps. This contains errors, information messages, and warnings, and it’s a great way to troubleshoot a variety of Windows issues. So getting to the BSOD log file is a little more complicated, but it can be done with third-party applications or some of Windows 10’s internal utilities. If you have sufficient disk size, select “Complete Memory Dump”; otherwise, select a “Small memory dump” if you have insufficient disk space.

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